So we have been looking for a photographer for MPRINT for just about a year. If you guys know Megan she is very meticulous when it comes to energy and finding the right person for the job. Another one of her huge deal breakers is finding someone to execute the vision she has in her mind. You can imagine why it has taken twelve months to find the perfect fit, but here we are!



In 2019 we met Kristi through the referral of another photographer. Kristi was able to see the vision and potential for our company so a partnership was formed. Kristi has her own photography business outside of being the awesome photog for MPRINT called @thedogwoodcollective (check her out on instagram and prepare to have your mind blown.) She brings a lot to the table and is absolutely amazing at what she does. We are so happy to have her apart of our MPowered Women MPower Women Team!



You will notice that a lot of our outdoor shots take place in downtown Springdale. It was important to us to highlight other businesses and places in the city we love so much. And we are just getting started. There is so much growth happening in Springdale and we are here for it!


If you want to capture more BTS action for MPRINT make sure you follow us on instagram @MPRINTHQ. Where we share pics of some pretty funny things that happen around the office, styling for shoots, and a few sneak peeks at inventory. You won't be disappointed! Trust me.

Have a good day yall!