Our Squad

So I'm not sure if many of you know this, but Melanie and I are Mamas! We each have 3 kids a piece and 6 all together. Of the 6 total there are a whopping 4 who all have birthdays in December. On top of Christmas and holiday festivities our lives are pretty busy that whole month!

We are women entrepreneurs running a full time, newly rebranded business, and also juggling motherhood. Can it be tough? Yes! Is it worth it? Yes! We find that being business owners and mothers is a fulfilling task for us. Did we mention we also teach our kids virtually? Yeaaaa so a LOT of coffee drinking is involved in our day to day operations.

You Can Do & Be Anything

One of the many things I enjoy about being a woman is our ability to multi task. We can do a lot of things and excel in them. Women are so powerful and strong! Today I want to encourage you to write down your goals and aspirations. We are in October and less than 90 days of 2020 is left. If you aren't the type of gal that makes New Year's Resolutions, what is one thing you want to change for the future? It doesn't even necessarily have to be for next year.


A lot of times we get caught up on short-term goals and we fail to understand how important it is to have long-term goals we are taking baby steps towards. Slow progress is STILL  progress so remember that! Going forward I want to task you with understanding the power of what you say and what you think. Tell yourself who you are. Words of affirmation are super important. Know your worth Queen!


She's more than a Graphic Tee, she's a way of life. Activating Mom Mode means us doing what's best for our children, even when they don't see it that way. Mom Mode is us accepting this difficult yet rewarding job we have been blessed with. But it also means allowing ourselves to power down from time to time. Maybe we need to introduce a Sleep Mode for our next collection lol.